Single Time Step

BEGINNER: A dancer who is just starting out in tap and wants to learn the basics. Vocabulary, body awareness, timing, and all things related to the basics of tap will be stressed in this level. These classes will be mild to slow paced.


Double Time Step

ADVANCED BEGINNER: A dancer who has basic tap vocabulary but is looking to expand on that vocabulary and learn the musical skills necessary in becoming a tap dancer. This level will focus on ability to keep time, execution, expanding on basics, and principles of musicality. These classes will be mild to medium paced.


Triple Time Step

INTERMEDIATE: A dancer who has a decent understanding of tap vocabulary and technique yet is looking to expand their skill. This level will be focusing on bringing a dancer along musically and developing stronger technical habits. These classes will be medium to fast paced and will try to push a dancer with solid skills to the next level.

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

ADVANCED-PRO: A dancer who has a refined and proficient understanding of vocabulary, musicality, timing, and technique. This is for a dancer looking to make the leap into professional tap dancing. This is not for the faint at heart or the meek, these classes will be fast paced and challenging.

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