Operation: Tap PREMIUM offers a wide variety of content for all levels: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Professional. The great part about this is that YOU get to choose what classes you want to have access to!

There are 4 different tiers of membership for Premium:

  • Tier 1 “Single Time Step” - $15 per month for access to BEGINNER class only.

  • Tier 2 “Double Time Step” - $25 per month for access to BEGINNER + ADVANCED BEGINNER classes 

  • Tier 3 “Triple Time Step” - $33 per month for access to BEGINNER, ADVANCED BEGINNER, + INTERMEDIATE classes

  • Tier 4 “Everyday I’m Shuffling” - $40 per month for access to BEGINNER, ADVANCED BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, + ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL classes


Beginner – For a teacher beginner students or a dancer who is just starting their tap dance journey

Advanced Beginner – For a student who has a basic understanding of vocabulary and musicality and is looking to expand on those skills

Intermediate – For a student who has a solid understanding of vocabulary and musicality as well as a basic understanding of improvisation and form and is looking to expand those skills

Professional – For a student looking for a challenge or to be a professional tap dancer



Each class will give you a breakdown of the specific content being worked on for that video. Some classes will work on exercises and rudiments. Others improvisation. Others full combinations. We also enjoy creating classes that discuss working with a live band, tips for performing, and choreographic ideas.

All are welcome regardless of skill or experience.

What you need to know about your PREMIUM subscription:

  • You will receive different classes each month and will be notified directly by email

  • Every class has a duration of 30-minutes

  • Post your progress and we will reply!

  • Depending on the tier you choose, you will receive exclusive access to our archived content

  • Stay connected by emailing us directly with any questions/comments/concerns

  • You may cancel at any time


How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

Go to Www.OperationTap.Com, click the “Log In” button in the bottom right corner, then select “View/Cancel Plan”.

If I cancel my subscription, will I still have access to the content from the time in which I was subscribed?

Paying your monthly fee allows you to access all of Operation Tap’s content library! This includes lessons as far back as March 2016 plus the new content that gets published weekly. A cancelation of the subscription means a canceling of your access to the video library.


Do you have options for payment plans?

No, we currently do not offer payment plans.


Is there a way to ask a specific teacher a question about one of their Premium classes?

Absolutely! Please email us your questions at and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

I posted something onto the Operation: Tap Facebook page, why can’t I find it?

All visitor posts go directly to the left on the Operation: Tap page. Only posts made by Operation: Tap are posted in the center column but don’t worry! We can still view your posts and so can our followers!


Do any of the Operation: Tap faculty have opportunities for choreography?

Although our founders are constantly on the road working on many different projects, you are always welcome to send a request by email to and we will forward it to the appropriate teacher!


As well as producing class content, we also serve as an online forum for dancers, artists, students, teachers, choreographers and/or enthusiasts of tap dancing. Our forum is a place to discuss and put into action ideas for immersing the art form into the public’s consciousness. We want to maintain and educate the public about tap’s historic roots while pushing and forging the art form forward within the context of the 21st century.


This community dialogue coupled with weekly education outreach will result in a MISSION that every person who is a part of Operation: Tap actively tries to facilitate within their own personal community. Missions may take five minutes to complete or they may take five years to complete.