"Speaking In Taps" Interview by Aaron Tolson


Interview with Aaron Tolson

Of Speaking In Taps

1. What is the name of your company?
Speaking in Taps 

2. How many years has your company existed? 
7 years

3. Where is your company based? 
Massachusetts and New Hampshire 

4. What are the age range of the dancers in your company?

5. How often do your dancers meet to rehearse? 
Twice a month
About once a month 

6.  When you began, what was your primary motivation/goal/mission for starting a Tap dance company? 
When I had my first company I formed it to have people to dance with. What I learned was that there was a need for young tap dancers to be guided down a career path. I then started Speaking in Taps to train young dancers, to help them decide whether they want to be a professional dancer or not. 

7.  As time has moved on, how has that mission evolved? 
It actually hasn’t changed too much. Some people successfully audition for the company and stay for years while others join and realize it’s not for them. The company helps them decide what role tap will play in their lives. 

8. What has been the biggest challenge of starting a dance company? 
At first it was that I was taking on all the responsibility. Over the years, I have improved delegation skills and given my Dance Captains a lot of responsibility. I’ve also learned that this is so important in teaching them leadership skills.

9. What has been your proudest moment in directing this dance company?
There are so many. They (The moments) actually aren’t seeing them perform in big shows like DC Tap Fest or Tap United, but rather the little achievements in rehearsal. Watching them grow and get better is the best. 

10. What words of advice would you offer to someone who is starting their own tap dance company?

I would recommend setting the guidelines before the company is formed. This way expectations are set and people are all on the same page before any problems arise. 

11. Do you have any current projects the company is working on that you want to promote?
May 17th-19th - Our Fabulous Variety Show in East Hampton NY
June 22nd - Concord NH Market Days
August 9th - Beantown Tap Fest in Boston NH
August 10th - Tap United in North Andover MA
November 23rd & 24th - Live Free and Dance Festival

12. Describe your company in one word!